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Delivery & Set-up
Make sure your bed includes delivery and set-up.  The motorized foundation weighs approximately 125 lbs, and need to be delivered and set-up in your beds, and removal of your old bed and mattress.  If you have a Headboard, your new adjustable bed has to be set-up to your headboard.
Service & Warranty
Your Adjustable Bed has (2) two motors:  one for the head; and one for the legs.  You also have a hand control.  Usually, you also have one or two massage motors.  Besides the motors, you have the electronics and the frame.  Who is going to provide you with service.  Who is going to help you when your back or your legs are stuck in the up-position.  How long is your warranty.  What parts are non-pro-rated.  How much does it cost for a service man to come out to your home.  Can you get service the same day or the next day?
Bedding & Pillows
You do not want to buy the most comfortable bed in the World . . . and your bottom fitted sheets are pulling off.  When you buy an adjustable bed make sure you also get Bottom Fitted Sheets that work well with Adjustable Beds.  Also ask about the deluxe, waterproof - but breathable - mattress pads that protect your mattress from soiling.  We also recommend our line of Adjustable Bed Pillows that keep your neck aligned properly when you are in the zero-gravity position (that don't force your head forward like an over-sized, conventional pillow).
Adjustable Beds come in all sizes.  Adjustable Beds come in all lengths.  Adjustable Beds come in all heights.  You need to discuss the size you need with an Adjustable Bed Specialist.  Normally an adjustable bed is Extra Long (XL) or 6" longer than a Regular Size.  Adjustable Beds come in many different Kingsize Widths and Lengths.  When people are over 6'1" they need the 84" length (XXL).  You don't want to buy the most comfortable bed in the World - and with your feet hanging over the bed. 
City adjustable bed twinsize extra long 38" x 80" twin size City queensize highest quality best rated queen size electric adjustable bed
Twin Full Queen
city high quality best rated one piece california king 72" x 84" electric adjustable cal kingsize adjustable bed dual split queen city queensize electric power motorized frame foundation queensize adjustable bed City dual split king size california eastern western electric adjustable bed
King Dual Queen Dual King
Latexpediclatex mattressMattresses
Half your comfort is going to come from getting the Right Mattress:  Innerspring, Air, Memory Foam and Latex Foam.  A Mattress has to be made in the  Right for your Posture.  If a mattress is too Soft or too Firm, . . . this can lead to a back-ache.  A Mattress has to be made for your physiology:  Your age, your weight, your back, muscles and nerves.  We've been trying to get the best mattress for our customers for 57 years now.  What is the exchange policy?  What is the Warranty?  WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND OUR LATEXPEDIC MATTRESSES - and especially our High Profile Latex Mattress.  Some of our customers specifically want our all-natural and certified organic mattresses.
high profile 9" latex mattress rated quality reviews yelp the ultimate in City 3 layer 3 zipper latex foam layered Talalay mattress 
7" Latex Mattress 9" High Profile 11" THE ULTIMATE
MotorizedCity Electropedic Adjustable Bed FactoryFoundation
Epedic is a division of Electropedic, the original manufacturer Since 1964.  When you buy an electric adjustable bed, you are buying a Motorized Foundation; which includes: 2-motors, hand-control, electronics, steel frame, foundation (cover & wood slats), casters/legs, optional massage motors and optional headboard brackets.  Compare Price, Quality, Guarantee and Service.  Electropedic is the Manufacturer of the WH1, WH2 and WH3 motorized frames.  20-Year Warranty (non-pro-rated for the first 5 years).  Quietest in the industry.  Wall-Hugger Design that keeps the elevating back always at the same distance to your nightstand), Circular-Motion Massge System.   The other manufacturers that we are sell are:  Flex-A-Bed, Supernal, Leggett & Platt (Prodigy 2 & S-cape 2), Primo, Reverie, Boyd and I-Adjust.  We also sell Hospital Bed and Bariatric Bed (heavy-duty) motorized frames.  Options available on some motorized frames include Side Rails and optional High-Low.  Talk to the Specialists who have made Adjustable Beds their principal business Since 1964.
ELECTRIC BEDS HOSPITAL city wh1 electropedic motorized frame foundation base wired hand control ELCTROPEDIC WH1 WH2 AND WH3 motorized frame foundation city power base  ELCTROPEDIC WH1 WH2 AND WH3 motorized frame foundation city power base 
Electropedic WH1 Electropedic WH2 Electropedic WH3
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Adjustable Beds are available in Economy, Good, Very Good and the Best.  Please Call (800)727-1954. Please visit our Showrooms in Burbank, Phoenix and Garden Grove.  We have OVER 20 DIFFERENT ELECTRIC ADJUSTABLE BEDS ON DISPLAY.  We've been doing this since 1964 . . . and when you've been doing the same thing for 57 years, you get pretty good at it.  Please compare our FACTORY DIRECT PRICES.  We will not be BEAT!  We offer the WORLD'S LOWEST PRICES on New, Used and Rentals.
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